the future of mobile is you.

Connectivity should be owned by the many, not the few. Helium Mobile unites users with coverage built by people and a service that actually benefits you.

demand more from your carrier.

You deserve more from a carrier. Experience more rewards, better coverage, and next-level privacy from a new type of carrier.

More Rewards

Helium Mobile gives users the opportunity to earn MOBILE tokens and other unique benefits.

More Coverage

Dynamic Coverage keeps you better connected with a nationwide network and People-Powered coverage.

More Privacy

Helium Mobile prioritizes transparency by letting you control how your data is used.


building a better carrier.


We're creating a community of users and builders where everyone benefits. With Helium Mobile, anyone can add coverage, giving you a Network that grows more powerful every day.




Use your phone and earn rewards. Helium Mobile gives subscribers the opportunity to earn MOBILE tokens and other benefits as a reward for using the service.

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one plan to

rule them all.

We're keeping it simple with one plan and zero stress over data use. Text your friends, call your mom, troll on Twitter. Helium Mobile keeps you connected without limits.

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SF, Meet Helium Mobile

March 29th, 2023

San Francisco, CA

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Helium Mobile

April 27th, 2023

Austin, TX

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