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Helium Mobile is the world's first cryptocarrier, bringing the power of The People's Network right to your phone.

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Helium Mobile Announces Nationwide 5G Coverage with T-Mobile. Probably nothing.

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Helium Mobile uses wireless coverage provided by the Helium 5G network to deliver super affordable data and voice plans you'll love.

Helium Mobile plans give you the power to earn MOBILE tokens.

1GB /Month

Data Only

Our lowest cost plan is perfect for data-only use on the side.

$5per Month

5GB /Month

Includes Voice

Need data with unlimited voice and text? Level up with the plan that's just right.

TBD*per Month


Includes Voice

Go nuts and eat as much as you like, with unlimited data, voice, and text.

TBD*per Month

*Good news — as the Helium 5G network grows, the cost of coverage is lowered and savings are passed directly to you.

Why choose Helium Mobile?

Earn as You Use

Browse. Text. Earn.

Use your phone and earn rewards. Helium Mobile gives subscribers the opportunity to earn MOBILE tokens as a reward for using the service.

Nationwide Coverage

Powered by People.

As the world's first cryptocarrier, Helium Mobile users enjoy nationwide coverage from the Helium 5G network and T-Mobile. The result? A seamless, connected experience to all the things and people you love.

Plans for Everyone

Not just for Whales.

Whether you want a little extra something on the side or need endless data for scrolling through your feed - we've got you covered with plans starting from $5/month.

Privacy Prioritized

Your Data Protected

It's your data. Let's keep it that way. We strongly believe in data privacy and will never sell your data to advertisers or other third parties. Plus, SIM-swap protection adds an extra layer of security to protect users from attacks.

Early Access

Awesome Perks

Helium Mobile will launch early 2023 in selected US cities based on demand. Those on the waitlist will gain exclusive access to service updates and beta previews.

Early subscribers are eligible to:

Earn More MOBILE

Earn more MOBILE token rewards for using the service.

Exclusive Plans

Join early and access the best promotional plans.

Beta Previews

First subscribers get to experience early builds before the masses.

Secure your Place

Join the waitlist to get early access and be among the first to experience Helium Mobile.

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